Foods of Micronesia

Food presentations in SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany

Carlinda, Leona, and Maylevlynn presented uhten ruk sukusuk: boiled pounded Chuukese banana.

The base ingredients for taro balls: ground taro (mwahng) and coconut. The mix dried out in the air conditioning and would not form balls by late afternoon. The balls are best formed if the taro is still hot.

Rais dol uht. Rice and banana boiled together, pounded together, coconut milk mixed in at the end.

Merlina Edward and Jenny Gabriel presenting their rais dol uht.

Yuuch yarong (Ulithi), pa'aw (Yap), rorren uuch (Chuukese).

LillyJane John and Carie-Ann Yauwelmong

Mwahng idihd, ground taro.

Senioreen and Westcot presented mwahng idihd.

Hanae Shimizu presents Japanese rice

Japanese domestic rice is a more glutinous rice.

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