Latitude and longitude

This term I returned to the area to the southeast of the gym. Fall 2013 a Spensonian deluge flooded out the hide location atop the trail head I had chosen. This term I opted for a weather friendlier site. The first group found me at 12:18. This term no other group was near the first group, so I remained at the hide when they left, a first. This worked better than I expected - the second group did not arrive until 12:48, with the third group close on their heels.

Donbert, Jessica, Nikita in the second group

Amyleen Tom, and Johnnyboyd Joseph were the third group

No images from the 072 laboratory which was done using the linear regression to obtain a minutes to meters conversion. This worked well. Off of both the first palm at N 6° 54.567, E 158° 09.597 and second palm at N 6° 54.570, E 158° 09.597 distances of 180 meters were obtained into the college intersection to the East. Work in the lab suggested that shifting from 30 meters to 30.48 meters does reduce the error, so maybe 99 feet intervals should be used (99 feet is 30.1752 meters, 100 feet is 30.48 meters).

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