Gymnosperms, angiosperms, and spices

Presentations on gymnosperms, angiosperms, spices, and timber trees.

Francisco on gymnosperms
Leaf morphology for gymnosperms
Rico Joab
Best penmanship seen on a poster, Benhart the calligrapher
Monocot and dicot differentiation with Jenny Gabriel

Jenny Gabriel
Carie-Ann on cinnamon
Sother Junior presenting, Merlina on the right
Arlen presents
Nutmeg facts - delivered by a student who chose to face the board for the whole presentation
Leona Saimon on Araucaria timber
Charlotte Eperiam speaks on Eucalyptus deglupta as a timber product
Hanae Shimuzu presented shiso
Carlinda Joab on Kauri pine products
Lerina Nena with a very detailed angiosperm life cycle diagram

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