Social Media and Stimulant Survey

A convenience sample survey of social media and stimulant preferences was given to 92 students in three sections of MS 150 Statistics and one section of SC 130 Physcial Science at the College of Micronesia-FSM.

FaceBook continued its dominant position among students surveyed, with 88 of 92 students having a membership in FaceBook. Four students noted that they were not members of any social media web site. No student listed Instagram, SnapChat, or other "new social media" options that are seeing strong growth in other markets. Elsewhere, especially among teenagers, FaceBook has seen market share erosion from the new upstarts. In a follow-up oral cross-check I asked the three sections of statistics students whether anyone used Instagram, SnapChat, or WhatsApp. A single student responded that they use Instagram.

At present, FaceBook remains the social media place to be and to connect with students.

Spring 2012 no student named Google+ in their responses. By fall 2012 thirty-two students listed Google+ membership. Since the initial uptake, usage has continued around 40% among the students and has shown no growth beyond that level.

This term the survey also explored stimulant usage among students.

Smoking appears to be effectively a non-issue with only 2%  of the students smoking. Those who chewed tobacco often also chewed betelnut with tobacco. The eleven who chewed betelnut without tobacco did not also mark that they chewed with tobacco, thus the betelnut consumers comprise 57% of the 92 students surveyed. 49% of the students surveyed chew betelnut with tobacco. This represents a real health risk and future health issues for upwards of half of the students.

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