Lycophyte and monilophyte student presentations

Images from presentations in SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany.

 Life cycle of a moss

The group whose task was to distinguish between monilophytes and lycophytes

Well drawn lycopodium morphology diagram done in the five minutes prior to class

 Life cycle of selaginelle, beautifully drawn

Arlen covers the life cycle of the fern

Fern morphology

Leona Leion Saimon explains fern morphology

Sapino Lee Sigrah covers Kosraean pronunciations

Lilly Jane John pronounces lagoon Chuukese plant names, noting distinctions between northern Noumeneas and Faichuuk

Sandra of Rumung in Yap covered Yapese names, noting differences for her place

Sandra pronounces the plant names

Hanae presented Japanese names for the ferns - a first in the class. She covered in detail the meanings of the individual characters.

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