Acceleration of gravity

The new reduced data format simply works better. Every group, morning and midday, had less than 20% error and multiple groups went under 5% error. Five drops, picking the median value, at fewer heights, generates the best data. Drops were made from 0, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 centimeters.

Brenda, Serlyn, and Kanisia working at 200 cm

 Jermy and Paul stacking for 300 cm

Tania records data

 Serlyn, Brenda, Reed working on 400 cm and 500 cm
 200 cm

 Yvonne holds the meter sticks together

Shra Ringlen holds the meter sticks, Jessica Gilmete prepares to drop from 200 cm

Jessica tackles 300 cm using a chair on the table with Nikita providing back-up

One percent error for one of the 11:00 laboratories. Not bad for hand timing a dropped super ball.

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