Meters per minute of longitude

A cumulonimbus capillatus incus cloud let loose torrential rain on Wednesday, canceling the hide and seek exercise. Flooding rain, thunder, and wind but only in Palikir.

Seen from afar, a towering Cb dumps rain into the ocean west of Pohnpei.

This summer has seen a few days of thunderheads.

Last summer I piloted a linear regression in laboratory seven. Given that one hundred feet is very close to 30 meters, I used the non-metric surveyor's wheel to measure off 30 meter lengths. GPS units were used to record the change in longitude. The goal was to find a conversion factor between meters and minutes of arc on the surface of the earth. Last summer I started at the A building and headed east to ensure a positive slope. The catch was that we ran out of property before we had five data points.

So this fall I moved the start to a tree next to the parking lot. This put the start at N 06° 54.666', E 158° 09.597' This provided six data points and would have allowed a seventh data point had we opted to continue for one more 30 meter leg. The only change I might make for spring would be to start at 09.600' to make the calculation of the change in longitude easier. This would mean moving about five meters to the east before starting. I would have to manage the potential for noise disturbing B101.

The line of latitude runs towards the Terminalia catappa trees and on towards the entrance intersection. Starting at a higher latitude would separate the class from the B building, which would be a good thing, but one would run out of open terrain when one hits the entrance road.

Brinando under the dipwopw tree with Megan. Mayleen "Donna Paul" Amson holds the surveyor's wheel.

I was also in the midst of rebuilding my home page to be Nokia Asha 311 friendly - something rather unrelated to class. I was only in my second day of using the phone.

Start coordinates in the afternoon class.
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