Healing plants presentations

Vanessa Ewarmai covered the use of Morinda citrifolia (nen) on Satawal in the treatment of coughing.

Marino, from Woleai, brought in Psidium guajava (kuwafa) and the use of the young leaves for diarhea.

Lucas Hellan covered the use of the fruit of Premna serratifolia (topwuk) in the treatment of chickenpox.

Jesse covered the use of the above ground roots of Cocos nucifera (koalohn ni) to stop bleeding.

Jennifer Kennedy covered the use of Davallia solida (ulungen kieil) rhizome to staunch bleeding of a cut.

Tilson Kephas spoke of the use of a Clerodendrum inerme (kwacwack) steambath (srawuck) during pregnancy.

Clinton covered the use of young Syzygium (Javanese water apple) (harfod) in a shower to cleanse women post-delivery of a baby.

Parkey Mwarike described the use of unopened Hibiscus rosa-sinensis buds to bring a skin boil to a head.

Chelsea Nena spoke bout the use of Annona muricata (soursop) leaves as a tea.

Randy Sue also spoke about the use of Psidium guajava leaves (kuwahpa) for diarhea.

Ursula Tara covered the use of Curcuma longa (tumeric ginger, ahng) in the treatment of skin irritation. The ginger is usually added to coconut oil to treat the skin.

Ryan Uyehara presented the use of Premna serratifolia (topwuk) to treat spirit possession.

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