Banana Leaf Marble Ramp laboratory four

This term the holiday loss of a Wednesday banana leaf marble ramp demonstration caused me to decide to retain the exercise as a laboratory. This was a chance to try a new experiment in this slot. I had to arrive early in order to collect banana leaves and then re-shower and change for class. Timing was too tight and despite a 6:55 departure from home, 7:27 into the field, 7:45 return, I was five minutes late to class.

Creative banana leaf hanging

Mayleen "Donna Paul" Amson, Etwet, Danielle

Another creative banana leaf suspension device.

Three ramps.

Tulpe-Louisa Asher looks on.

Chelsea, Maryrose

Prescott, Lilly-Ann, Almihner

Chelsea Poll, Marcyliza, MaryRose

Tulpe-Louisa plots the data

The laboratory went moderately well but ultimately was confusing and certainly not discovery oriented. I see no compelling reason to swap out the momentum laboratory which leads naturally to the groups presenting their results.
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