Rolling four square balls on tile porches

Delinda and Allston on the line

Once again I returned to using the tiled porch of the FSM-China Friendship Sports center for laboratory 022. This worked well last January and performed superbly again this fall. This is the place to do this laboratory.

Dwayne bowling, Berry at one second, Delinda at second second, Allston on third. That may be Bryan Tonga, fifth second, in gray, Megan Helgenberger working the sixth second.

In the afternoon Tulpe-Louisa Asher called times, JB Palik bowled, Plomina worked the first second.

MaryRose Benjamin was catcher, Tilson in brown, Almihner, Lilly-Ann, Plomina, JB, and Tulpe-Louisa
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