Ohava takes the heat, humidity, and grease

After an academic year of running in the saturating humidity of the marine rainy tropics sharing an air space with a kitchen, the Ohava unit was found to be spotless inside.

Spring cleaning usually means cleaning out the insides of the computer, including removing a coating of vaporized cooking oil from the interior surfaces. The Ohava, however, has no fans, not even for the power supply. The inside was immaculately clean.

Pohnpei has day time temperatures of thirty Celsius year round and a humidity that ranges by day from 80% to 100%. At night the temperatures fall to around 26 Celsius and the humidity is almost always 100%. There is salt in the air along with the byproducts of cooking. The unit sits next to an open louver style window, no air conditioning is used ever.

The machine sees daily use even in the heat of the day. I suspect that one of the keys to its cool running is the use of the lightweight Lubuntu variant of Ubuntu.

I remain convinced that there are significant total cost of ownership savings to be had in shifting to equipment such as the Ohava and associated open source software. The potential to run school computer laboratories without the need for an air conditioned space would be a massive savings for local school systems.

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