Ethnobotanical gardening last day of class

The last day of SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany is spent in the ethnobotanical garden. I always enjoy this class. I tend to wander around cleaning up around the plants while the students ask questions in preparation for the final examination. Above I clean around the Cymbopogon citratus.

Most of the questions concern the Latin binomial for the plants in the garden. Above Joey whacks weeds with a machete.

Some of the questions concern local names for the plants. I am fairly capable in Pohnpeian and Kosraean, but as for the Chuukese and Yapese names, well there I tend to be rather weak.

Jasper is a one man grass-leveling machine.

I did not have the camera, so many of the pictures I found in the camera after class were FaceBook poses. Virginia Fredrick and Sallyann Andrew.

Falcataria moluccana on the far left, Gardenia jasminoides left center. Terson, Joey, Jasper, Chenniva behind me.

Cheryl and Karmi

Another FaceBook pose in between the Gardenia Jasminoides.
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