Reflection and Refraction

This term Founding Day fell on Monday, Tuesday was a holiday, so Wednesday was the first day of class for optics. On Wednesday I put a coin under a beaker of water, a coin in a frisbee of water, ran a laser through a semi-circular dish, and diagrammed the path of light on the board. I introduced and covered reflection and refraction.

On Friday I showed the Bill Nye Optics DVD and ran a short quiz.

Images from the Thursday lab are below.

Hyrum holds the mirror and indicates the image location.

Reliann watches Jamori make measurements. Sepe Palsis sits on the table. Sepe was the one who explained the effect of a fish in shallow water being deeper than it appears, she credited a Kosraean fisherman.


Person and Mehrun.

Frauleen and Senioreen


Board notes.

Board notes.

Beverly and Darby.

Kay and Mehrun Otto.

Gayle Marie and Jaeger.

Frauleen and Indirah.
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