RipStik sine wave

Physical science chapter nine wave forms began with a RipStik run as in prior terms. This term, however, I did not walk down to A101. A brand new, week old piece of new cement on the east side of the library caught my eye. A contract has been let to re-top the sidewalk from the LRC to the A and B classroom buildings. About 8 meters is complete, seriously smooth new concrete. The poster pad was still in my office from the Gymnosperm presentations, so I opted to run the swizzle first, go to class later.

A few students walked that way, so I had some help, but no photographers. The first run was downhill, which did not work well. The pass was fast with a small amplitude, long wavelengths. I reversed direction and went uphill. That pass can be seen above.

I then used the swizzle wave to explicate wavelength, amplitude, period, and frequency. The homework was to graph y = 3 sin (0.1611 x) where 0.1611 is 2*pi/39 cm.

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