Leaf morphology

Roxann, Mae, Cheryll, Brenda, and Joey amidst the ferns on the vegetative morphology hike.

Metroxylon amicarum, oahs, has the largest leaf on Pohnpei. The oahs the class visits was severely harvested, leaving the tree at an energy deficit and prone to disease.

The climbing pole that was used to harvest the giant leaves for thatch can be seen in the image.

Portions of the fronds.

Jaefrey sits amidst the discarded fronds.

Karmi, Joey, Apaisang, Frauleen, Roxann (front), Mae, Sallyann, TJ, Brenda (turned away).

Virginia, Liona, Permaleen, Roxann (front), Mae (behind Permaleen), Sallyann (far back), TJ, Brenda, Frauleen, Cheryll, Terson (back beyond shrub behind Cheryll), Melsina, Jasper, Chenniva. From here in the middle of the forest I dismiss the class. The route we have taken is indirect, I enjoy watching to see who has a sense of direction in the forest and realizes that there is a more direct route back to the campus. Permaleen was among those who knew which way to go, as did Jasper.
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