Foods of Micronesia

Pirain en uht made from uht Ruk is a favorite local food: fried bananas.

Markina and Brenda presented the fried bananas.

Melsina, Jasper, Roxann, and Rockyner teamed to present a pair of foods.

Melsina prepared uht idihd, Rockyner handled the presentation. Idihd means "grated".

Roxann presented rotama made from sawahn awai (awai is Pohnpeian for Hawaii, the plant is Xanthosoma saittifolium according to the Pohnpeian dictionary).

Mwoakillese jam made from wus in piji, presented by Chenniva.

Chenniva noting the use of Fijian bananas to make the Mwokillese jam. Pound four cups of bananas. Add six cups of water and 2 cups of sugar. Cook while stirring continuously for five to six hours until you have jam. Remove from heat. Add shredded lemon leaves for flavor.

TJ, Sallyann, and Mchiver presented Kosraean fafa fiti with el sauce, made from soft taro.

TJ, Sallyann, and Mchiver.

Misako proudly displays uth sukusuk: pounded cooked banana with coconut milk on top.

Pirain in kehp tuhke (dapiohka). Fried tapioca starch.

This was new to the students and generated much curiousity and a flurry of taste testing. The tapioca is ground and then squeezed into cold water. The starch is allowed to settle and harden, whereupon the excess water is poured off. A little sugar is mixed into the starch along with coconut milk. The starch is then fried after the manner of banana fritters.

Wisinih lihli (a type of banana) is used to make Pingalapese luhs. A ground banana dish prepared slightly differently from uht idihd. Karmi also described family level differences in the preparation of the dish.
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