Ethnogarden clean-up, vegetative morphology forest walk

On 23 October the Ethnobotany class returned to the ethnobotanical weed patch worked on cleaning up the garden.

Delphina cuts excess Hibiscus tiliaceus.

Shalein hand-pulls weeds in another area of the garden.

Risenta and Nadya look over the list of Latin names for the plants in the garden.

Reliann amidst the Senna alata.

Lecturing from the middle of the garden. The outdoors is a better location for class than indoors.

Rose Ann examines a leaf while Shalein looks on.

Headed through the tall grass, Delphina looks up at leaves on a tree.

Deep in the underbrush with Shalein and Ashley, the shade tolerant invasive Clerodendrum quadriloculare on the left.

Ivenglynn behind palmate Manihot esculenta.

Clidemia hirta, an aggressive invasive.

At trail's end Nadya far left, Risenta, Masumy, Emylou, Gray, Jane Rose, Julane on the right.

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