Fertility Control

A convenience sample of 24 college students in SC 101 Health Science were surveyed to determine whether they are sexually active and the fertility control options which they are choosing to exercise. The students are young with a median age of 18 years old. Seventy-five percent of the students are twenty years old or younger. Sixteen of the twenty-four are female, eight are male. L1 for 21 students is Pohnpeian, there are also three students with Yap state heritage who completed the survey.

Box plot of student age distribution

The survey was designed based on anecdotal knowledge of fertility control choices being made by students.

Family planning, fertility control method survey
_____ Are you sexually active? If your answer is no, stop here.
_____ Are you and your partner/spouse intentionally trying to have a baby? If yes, stop here.
How do you prevent pregnancies? Check all that you use.
_____ Withdrawal method: man withdraws before ejaculation
_____ Calendar rhythm method: avoid the middle of the menstrual cycle
_____ Condoms used by the man
_____ Birth control pill
_____ Birth control injection
_____ Other (specify):
If you checked more than one above, which do you use most often:
Would you use some other method if you could?
What method would you use if you could?
What stops you from using that method?

Are you sexually active? If your answer is no, stop here.1113
Are you and your partner/spouse intentionally trying to have a baby?18

Of the fertility control methods five students indicated use of condoms, four withdrawal prior to ejaculation, three calendar rhythm method, and two using injections. The numbers add to more than nine as the students could check multiple items.

The remaining questions generally went unanswered. The few answers that were provided did not indicate a discernible pattern.

Earlier surveys suggest that these same students are romantic but do not always communicate well inside relationships. While they value sexually satisfying relationships, they also believe that discussing sexual wants and needs generally leads to mechanical and unspontaneous sex. This lack of communication and belief that sexual activity is not something that should be discussed undoubtedly works against the adoption of more effective fertility control options and the more regular use of those options which would be more effective.


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