Rolling and falling balls

Physical science laboratory 022 landed on a rainy, soggy day. Having learned that the marbles simply slow down way too much on the tables, I opted to use the gym hallway in the 8:00 class.

The ramp was propped up a on a table. This worked amazingly poorly. A later analysis would show that the speed of the ball was essentially constant regardless of the height of the release point on the ramp.

The ball also collided with the walls and doorwells.

Tulpe and LoriAnn

At 11:00 we moved outside and knowing that the wet pavement would slow the ball, I chose to use the driveway and let the slope offset the tendency of the ball to slow down.

The ramp was propped against the berm in the background.

This worked better, although the ball still tended to slow down after the first second.

Physical science laboratory 032 measured the acceleration of gravity by timing the fall of a ball.

Lane and Tulpe make measurements.

Rose Ann steadies the meter stick
Ryan on the meter stick, Stravinsky dropping and timing

Judy drops, Eugene holds the ruler

Alexander works with Jimboy

Vengelynn, Jessica, and Jo

Gunwick looks over the numbers

Trishia, Daisy drop their ball

Up in the computer laboratory this was the first term with the Win 7 rigs. I have opted to use Excel and Word to lay out the data and set up the reports. This helps the students when they move on to the library.


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