Mathematics Curriculum Alignment meeting at Madolenihmw HS

The mathematics curriculum alignment group met at Madolehnihmw High School on Friday 03 August 2012 to continue to work together on curriculum.

Before the meeting began I was given a personal tour of the mathematics classrooms at MHS.

The rooms still had poster sheets on the walls for some of the concepts the students were studying.

The classrooms are modern, well lit, and in excellent condition.

Each classroom has a white board and a projection screen above the white board.

MHS feted the participants with a wonderful and bounteous lunch including MHS soup and local chicken.

During the mathematics curriculum alignment meeting I briefed the participants on the mathematics results for the spring 2012 COMET including section analysis for PICS and MHS.

After the meeting concluded, the MHS math instructors and myself remained. I ran a refresher of exponential and logarithmic concepts to help prepare the very capable faculty at MHS for the teaching of algebra and trigonometry at MHS in the senior academic class this fall.

On the board above is an exercise in exponential decay using a bouncing ball

Although the workshop was on a Friday afternoon, the instructors remained until after five o'clock. While only two MHS faculty will teach the algebra and trigonometry, two other instructors remained through the session. The mathematics faculty at MHS is impressive in their dedication to their profession and to their willingness to tackle challenging material.

I will be returning to MHS on the 24th of August for a follow-on session with the faculty. The mathematics curriculum alignment group will next meet in October. The location is yet to be determined. The first meeting was held at the college, the second at Pohnpei Islands Central School, and the third was at Madolenihmw High School. The group hopes to have a chance to meet at the third high school on Pohnpei.

My thanks go out to everyone who worked so hard to make this meeting possible.
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