Pohnpei Cup Sailing Regatta Preliminary Round One

On the 7th of July the first Pohnpei Cup races were begun with preliminary heats. Sunny skies and light breezes provided ideal weather for the first day.

Boats were set-up at 10:00 prior to the opening ceremony.

Race director Kazuo Ishikawa reviewed the starting flag sequences with the skippers.

After the

All skippers took an oath of good sportsmanship and to abide by the rules of the regatta.

The trophies to be won were on display.

Pohnpei Sailing Club Chair Chief Andrew Lucky addressed the skippers.

Race director Kazuo Isikawa posed with the skippers for a photo opportunity.

Regatta chair Kiyoshi Umezu joined the skippers for the opening photo.

Dr. Umezu provides guidance to a skipper on boom attachment safety.

A skipper heads out for the first heat of the day. The water is still shallow, hence her dagger board is still up.

The races were conducted with Sokeh's ridge and Peipalap as a background.

At the end of the day the race director tallied results and planned for the second set of heats in two weeks time. The intervening week will be used as a practice session.

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