Heat conduction and Finding Binky

Temperature was introduced by taking the temperatures of an ice water mix, boiling water, melting coconut oil, a cup of coffee, the room, and I.

Later in the day the temperature in the sun was also recorded.

Ketruth watches for the maximum temperature rise.

In the afternoon the students experimented with the conduction of heat energy.

Beverleen and Judy waiting patiently for heat energy to conduct.


Data was then gathered from each group and recorded on the board.

Binky! for activity 071. In the summer there is insufficient time for me to hide myself, so I hide Binky in the the early hours of the morning.

6:58 in the morning on the 20th of June. The swamp was full of beautiful orb spider webs.

Binky's location summer 2012 - amid a sea of grass out in the bog.

A second GPS at Binky's location.

May-vi points Beverleen in the direction of Binky based on the coordinates.

Melyda heads in the directio of Binky.

Rosalina studies the GPS while Judy reads the hand-out.

Tommy and Johnson were the first to find Binky out in the swamp.

In the afternoon the class measured off a short 64.6 meter north-south segment of a line of longitude. Only a surveyor's wheel measurement was made.

More data from laboratory 072 measurements.
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