Motor learning

I once wrote about the learning curve for learning to ride a RipStik and my own penchant for teaching whatever skills I have learned. About 18 months ago a five year old learned to ride a RipStik on our porch and then she left for another island. She had not seen a RipStik for 18 months.

Fresh off the airplane she did not seem to remember me nor the times we spent together a year and a half ago. Upon reaching the house she saw the RipStik and immediately took to trying to ride it. After a couple failed attempts, she was back up and riding.

After 18 months, her motor memory remains strong

Whatever the mechanism for this long term motor memory, it is rather amazing given that much of the rest of her world of 18 months earlier is for the most part forgotten. The old adage that once learned, one never forgets how to ride a bike comes to mind. The adage holds true too for the complex balance and motor skills required to ride a RipStik.


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