Ethnobotanical kava ceremony

The spring 2012 ethnbotany class returned to Welianter "Oaulik" Samuel's nahs in Dien, Kitti to enact the Pohnpeian sakau ceremony.

Piper methysticum is brought in whole, replete with stems, and then the stems are cut.

The root stock is then cleaned using the outer portion of the coconut husk.

The students were arranged as in a formal ceremony.

Sean Michael serves as oarir to Thomas, Rico serves Mahoney.

Cindy serves Janice, sitting in as wife of the nahnmwarki.

Others in the class observe the ceremony, some having never been inside a nahs during a ceremony.

The moanindei (menindei) passes the ngarangar.

With the ceremonial cups completed, Rosalinda applies lei, coconut oil, to the students.

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