Founding Day Sports 2012

College of Micronesia-FSM Founding Day 2012 was an even year sporting event with five teams. The white team hosted by the Chuuk Student Organization, the green team hosted by the Kosrae student organization, the blue team hosted by Pohnpei student organization, the purple team hosted by Pohnpei Kolonia site, and the red team hosted by the Yap student organization.

The green team was led by the Vice President for Cooperative Research and Extension Jim Currie. The green team was the only team to offer their faculty and staff members founding day team shirts. At a school where communication remains an accreditation level challenge, the green team achieved an example setting level of communication. 

Pohnpei Kolonia site also communicates well and brought a strong sense of team spirit to the day. Their faculty and staff came color coordinated with their team.

Cindy Hairens takes first place in a morning heat. And heat is the correct word. The photograph captures the gorgeous tropical blue skies, the camera cannot capture the scorching, searing heat of the April second tropical sun. The sun crossed the equator heading north on the 21st of March. By the second of April the 12:30 sun was 88° overhead - essentially straight up.

Three legged races, barefoot, on a blistering track. Keeps one moving if nothing else.

The blue team's princess, Roxann Moya, was also a podium finisher in the races.

Green teamer Sue Ellen husk coconuts in a coconut husking race.

Green teamers Neelma Pearl and Lisaleen entertained during the midday lunch break with a traditional hula dance.

The green team included junior members, t-shirted as well.

The afternoon finals belonged almost solely to the blue and purple teams. A sprinkling of local Pohnpei track club athletes on these teams gave them an edge in the foot races.

Days ends and the closing awards ceremonies.


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