Ball bounce laboratory

Laboratory 14 is a open exploration of a bouncing ball. This laboratory is effectively a practical examination laboratory. In this laboratory I intentionally provide considerably less guidance on the specifics of the chart type and analysis.

Seylyn has released the ball from 100 cm while Marie holds the meter stick.

The laboratory explores the question: "If the ball is always dropped from 100 cm, is there a mathematical relationship between the bounce number and the bounce height for that bounce?"

The data table suggests collecting data up to the tenth bounce. The balls tend to track sideways, often bouncing off the lab table. Using SC Johnson's Pledge reduces the coefficient of static friction and reduces the ability of the ball to gain sideways traction.

Jessica H. determines the bounce height.

Melinda's super ball is in flight as Roxann watches the meter stick.

Jessica S. and Maylanda's super ball caught mid-flight.

Joyceleen and Lotrynes

Iniki and Tracy with a lime green ball

Ryan and Lizmay, the ball bouncing

Data gathered by one pair of partners.

Roxann watches for the top of the ball arc.

Another data set.
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