Saving files on a USB drive under Lubuntu 11.04

Unlike Abiword and Gnumeric which integrate automatically with the Lubuntu LXDE 11.04 desktop and the PCManFM file manager, does not integrate as fully and uses its own internal dialog boxes. The result is that saving a file to one's USB flash drive requires navigating to the USB drive in the file system. This procedure is also true for any other package that does not use the PCManFM file manager under Lubuntu.

After plugging in the flash drive, a dialog box will ask if one wants to open the USB drive in the file manager. If one selects to do so, the USB drive appears in the PCManFM file manager as seen below.

Note that the USB flash drive is located in the /media/ folder. The /media/ folder is where removable media appear - flash drives, floppy disk drives.

When working in, as seen above, performing a Save as... calls up a dialog box open to the home folder. The above computer is called mathsci, thus the home folder is /home/mathsci. One has to manually navigate to the /media/ folder to save the file on the USB flash drive.

Click TWICE on the "Up One Level" button in the upper right hand corner of the dialog box. This brings one to the "root" of the folders, the / folder.

Locate the /media folder and double-click to open that folder.

The USB flash drive should now appear in the dialog box. Double-click to open the flash drive.

This procedure should work for any USB flash drive, thumb drive, or USB key that mounts under Lubuntu. There are some removable media that do not mount including some brands of flash drives.


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