MiCare Healthy Lifestyle fun run

The MiCare Healthy Lifestyle 5k fun run is a new addition to the annual running calendar. The run is unique in featuring a health screening tent. I stopped by pre-race and checked my numbers. Heart rate 58 bpm, blood pressure 130/72, fasting blood sugar 101. Those last three numbers are not good.

My son stayed with me longer and farther than ever before, running with me out to the Lidakida turn-around on the causeway. He finished hot on my heels at 31:06, thanks to his push I managed to just barely eke in under 30 minutes at 29:35. That is a PR for him, and a long time since I have seen a two as the leading digit.

My son with race director Bong. My youngest daughter also joined the run, also pushing harder and faster than ever before. For the first time on the lower route, I met her while I was still on the causeway. We met just in front of JBI at the Edwin's place.

Post-run poster posing. My son was the second under 12 to cross the finish line, good for a medal today.

After the run I re-checked my numbers. My blood pressure fell to 122/73, while my one banana blood sugar rose to 111. Pulse was 148 post-run. Thus my blood pressure fell, not rose. There is the possibility that pre-run I release adrenaline and thus lift my blood pressure in anticipation of the upcoming effort.

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