Lubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 dist upgrade reversion to Unity

Where a computer had been running Ubuntu 11.04 and the Unity desktop, and said computer was changed over to the Lubuntu 11.04 desktop using the Ubuntu Software Center, the computer reverts to Ubuntu with the Unity desktop on distribution upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10.

Worse, the automatic log in is reset to user name and password required, in other words, the autologin is disabled in default.conf and dgod is re-enabled, even if one clicks on "keep" configuration file intact.

Getting back to an automatic log in Lubuntu 11.10 desktop is all but impossible - only loading Lubuntu 11.10 from a CD - a full reinstall, works to get back to Lubuntu.

There is a partial work-around, but it leaves in place the splash screen. The issue appears to be the switch to the lightDM desktop manager in 11.10, it usurps the lxdm desktop manager.

The work around is described below.

Upon restart after upgrade one will find oneself in the Ubuntu 11.10 Unity desktop, a desktop that remains infinitely confusing for my students. Log out from the desk top and return to the log in splash screen.

Click on the "gear" wheel in the log in dialog. Change the desktop from Ubuntu to Lubuntu. Log in using the password.

Once logged in, choose Users and Groups.

Note the Password: Asked on login. Click on change.

At the bottom of the pop-up dialog box choose Don't ask for password on login.

Enter password again. Click OK and Close out the dialog boxes. Restart.

At this screen press Enter or click on Login to boot to the Lubuntu desktop. Not automatic, but no password needed.

Automatic login is not possible. Editing the default.conf file results in an automatic login to the Unity desktop, even if the desktop choice had been Lubuntu.

Note that none of the above happens unless the computer has the gdm and ran Unity under 11.04. Lubuntu 11.04 boxes built from the CD retain their automatic login capabilities and remain in the Lubuntu desktop on upgrade.

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