Assessing cloud drawings

Once again I turned to a team of professional crayon drawing evaluators to assist in evaluating the cloud drawings done in physical science laboratory eight. As they have in the past, the two of them discussed and argued the arrangement of the images. This term they worked using the descriptors in the marking rubric.

From left to right the columns mark accuracy of the drawing with respect to shapes, forms, colors, and light source. From top to bottom marks composition, consistency of drawing style, and apparent effort made by the artist.

Above, working in the three point column for composition.

Comments added by the adjudicators on the post-it notes. Sometimes blunt, but then youth has its honesty.

The next generation in training. Once a judge falls off the cliff at the edge of the rye field, they tend to be less brutally and openly honest in their comments. Comments that only a child in the rye field can get away with.

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