Run to The Village

I was asked what a District Three fun run might look like if the run started at The Village and ended at Nett Elementary school. Would that be five kilometers? The discussion also looked at transportation issues, which raised the possibility of a Nett Elementary five kilometer out-and-back.

Having been unable to get a run in during last week, I took the opportunity to get in a run and gather some data at the same time.

Nett Elementary is three kilometers from Dolihner via Pohnpei campus:

A five kilometer out-and-back would turn around at the house seen below. One could theoretically try to place the turn-around exactly at 2.5 kilometers, but that location is simply a banana tree next to the road.

For road race distances the route should not be short, an extra 140 meters ensures that the route is indeed at least five kilometers given the GPS unit position error of up to 10 meters.

A more logical District 3 turn-around would be this bridge on the Nett-U border. That would generate a 5.8 kilometer out-and-back course.

If one wanted a one-way five kilometer run that ended at Nett Elementary, then the start would be at this rock in U.

A more logical one-way route start would be up at The Village. A start at The Village junction would be a six kilometer run, and a scenic one at that. The run down from The Village includes views of the Pacific and the misty mountains of Pohnpei.

Should one opt to start at The Village restaurant, the run would be almost 6.5 kilometers back to Nett Elementary. End at the nahs at Nett Elementary and you would have a 6.5 kilometer fun run, equivalent to four miles.

Although I should have turned around and headed home for an 18 kilometer evening run, the sun was sinking into Nett Point. The outbound run had been slow, taking me an hour and six minutes to reach The Village. I called in my evacuation team for a nice evening ride home.

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