RipStik Pairs Racing 2024 Brisbane Olympics

In preparation for the introduction of caster boarding to the 2012 Olympics in Brisbane, the kids are practicing their racing skills, both pairs and solo work.

 In the female pairs competition, these two are well ahead of the rest of the planet. Solo riders are globally distributed, but pairs riders are far less common. Teamwork and rhythm and a keen sense of pairs balance are critical assets in this event.

The pairs riders are off on a racing loop of the RipStik track, also known as Pohnpei International Airport parking lot near sundown. With only one plane per day near midday, the lot is all but deserted as the sun sets.
The male pair riders have established a strong lead on the turn into the back stretch.
Foot placement and positioning is another critical element in this sport. Years of practice are required just to get to this level of togetherness.
Note the parallel front foot stance for the female pairs. This is essential to remaining upright and moving forward.
The old man demonstrates proper... uh... scratch that. The old man demonstrates nothing of benefit to the future Olympians.
In pairs group RipStik dancing, the two pairs exit a criss-cross passing maneuver. Timing is absolutely split-second in this maneuver. When castering in formation, the pair will maintain a tight one meter board-wing to board-wing separation.
The two older riders engage in a solo racing lap of the parking lot, driving hard for the finish line.

Remember, do not try these things at home. Seriously. The above riders really do have years of experience, even the smaller riders have over a year of experience with the boards.


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