PEC and Utwe fest

Mixon Jonas of Malem Elementary school, Kosrae, covered School Improvement Plans during a morning session at the Pacific Educational Conference.
Sueleen along with other teachers from Kosrae in the session.

Of the two vials hovering on the boundary between two liquids, the one on the right has more fluid than the vial at the bottom. This activity led off an excellent session on inquiry based, guided discovery science learning. Getting a group of teachers to provide observations - not theories or inferences - is difficult. Many wanted to leap to concepts of density and specific substances.

 Dr. Thomas Scarlett providing some methods scaffolding after an inquiry session.
In the evening PEC again hosted all delegations for a dinner at the FSM-China Friendship center. Dancers from Madolehnihmw were a highlight of the early evening.

I ducked out of the PEC evening dinner to catch the tail end of the Kosrae Congregational Church Utwe July festival that apparently commemorates the forced move of the Utwe people from Utwe to Utwe-ma by the Japanese during World War II.

Vice President Alik Alik addresses the gathering.


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