Farewell luncheon for Jean Thoulag

On Friday 30 July the college held a farewell luncheon for Vice President Jean Thoulag, one week after a thank-you dinner for former president Spensin James. This is indeed a time of transitions for the college.
 Kathy Benjamin, Sven Mueller, and Shrue Lee Ling.
 Jean Thoulag and Richard Womack
 Director Office of Admissions and Records Joey Oducado
 Comptroller Danny Dumantay
 Pelma Palik, Morehna Rettin-Santoa
Jean Thoulag, Jon Berger, and Spensin James. Jon Berger is stepping down as well after ably heading assessment, the entrance test, and working as the college's accreditation liaison officer.
 Director Technical Programs Grilly Jack
 Interim President Ringlen Ringlen
 Maggie Hallers and Chair Business Joseph Felix Jr.
Emliana and Gordon Segal

I printed and presented one of the earliest digital photographs still extant at the college, including an image of Jean who was then coordinator of the Title III grant. The page was produced for use at a job fair at PICS in March 1998.


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