The A building now has a back-up generator due to the unreliability of island power. A lack of maintenance and any sort of plan for overhauling or replacing generators on the island - other than waiting for foreign nations to donate generators - has led to the island being powered by a single generator. The other five have either been cannibalized or have failed beyond repair.

Although the new generator will eventually be fully enclosed, that has not yet occurred. The generator is quiet enough that I could lecture next to it, and this provided an opportunity to introduce electricity this summer term.
 Running at 62 Hertz
 Voltage at 200 volts, possibly peak rather than root mean square?
Delivering about 45 amps, up from 28 amps earlier in the day. The air conditioners pull more and more power as the day steadily heats up.
 Not sure, possibly the power output in Watts, but I cannot work the other numbers to produce this result.
 Nayleen experiments with higher voltages in her batteries and bulbs work.
Jackleen, batteries and bulbs


Mary-ellen and Sucyang check the conductivity of the materials that were previously checked for conductivity of heat energy

Arthur, Lewis, Jeremy, Maimai

Sucyang and Nayleen


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