My Micronesian Household

My household is at present provably un-American. Less than a thousand families in the United States have a family composition identical to mine.
The New York Times applet helpfully suggests that I remove household members, possibly to become more American. If I remove my sibling-in-law I actually crack the surface and emerge as a one in 1608 households in the United States.

The numbers climb even higher if I toss the child and keep the mother-of-the-child, joining the ranks of 88,891 households in the United States.

Of course, returning to a nuclear married family puts the numbers up by a factor of 91 times higher - a huge gain. As married-wth-two-children my family joins over eight million other families. We would become downright common.
The applet notes that the greatest number of households with the above composition make between $75,000 and $150,000 a year. 

If I were to add back in the one currently abroad, however, the numbers slide back down again.

I like that my family is unique, there is nothing common about us.

How about your family? Are you simply running with the pack, undifferentiated from the norm? Or is your family also unique?
Our March 2011 configuration was not only also  beyond the tool's ability to calculate, the tool would not even allow me to enter this configuration!

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