The morning commute

My morning commute is not exactly high stress rush hour driving on smog-filled, twelve lane wide slabs of concrete surrounded by dingy and decaying metropolitan infrastructure.

My morning commute is an oxygen filled rush through an insanely humid, lush, tropical landscape. Of course the infrastructure here also decays and rather suddenly. Come around a corner a tad too fast and you might not be able to stop in time to avoid the decayed infrastructure or a roll-over accident in the road. Beach hibiscus tree tends to roll with time. Like a slow motion tumbleweed. Sometimes into the road.

Twenty-four hours after the first photo taken over my hood, at that same location, a Hibiscus tiliaceus tree had rolled, or fallen - your choice - into the road. Note the Acalypha wilkesiana (copper leaf) shrub on the right in both images. As another driver coming in from Kitti remarked, "Udahn kohlo!"


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