Fascinating new phishing scam circulating on FaceBook. You get tagged in a video purportedly showing a friend dancing. The link provided is a shortened link that purports to take you to another FaceBook page. The redirect is a multiple redirect through a Reddit shortened redirecting link. The landing page looks like a FaceBook log-in, but the actual web site is NOT FaceBook. The web site name is designed to look like FaceBook at a glance, beginning with an F and having the word "books" on the end.

By late afternoon on the 16th of June FireFox's web forgery list included this imposterous URL.

Enter your user name and password and the site accesses your FaceBook account, spams the message to all of your friends. Then the site uses your user name and password and tries to access bank accounts and other commercial sites - many people use the same password on multiple sites.

The lesson is the same as the lesson has always been: read the URL of a site very very carefully and critically before entering your user name and password. Check any security certificates if working on an https:// enabled site.


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