Nurses Week Walk-a-Thon

The Pohnpei state hospital nurse's organized their annual Nurse's week walk-a-thon. This year the theme of the week is "Be active, eat smart, lose weight, and get vaccinated!" The specific goal of the walk-a-thon was to help people put in their 10,000 steps per day.
Lois, Bernolina, Emihner. On the right, Fitz. Island Food Community provided the bananas for the walkers. Thanks to Lois and Emihner!
Elena Yamada arrives with a running and police escort. The route included an added leg out to Lidakida beach road, pushing the distance up to somewhere between five and six kilometers.
The route headed out from the Pohnpei state hospital.

A right turn and onto the circumferential road past Genesis.

 Jeanette and Joanie Lane.
 Heading Kolonia-ward towards the bridge.
 Past Tony Nakasone's place.
 And up Etscheit hill. Jazmin headed for the finish line.
Over the hill and down into town.
Past Noel Boylan's office building.
Despite the early morning start, the day was already warm according to the Ace Hardware temperature reading.

The run continued out to Lidakida beach. Inbound the route turned right at Mesenieng and climbed up to the Spanish Wall ball field. From there the runners headed south towards AMCRES where a right turn took us east towards Pohnpei campus.
 The water stop crew at capital hill. After this water stop, the route went down to 4TY and then a right to return to the hospital.
 Bernolina addressing the returned walkers after the run.


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