Ahser Edward one year anniversary of his passing

On Saturday the family, friends, and colleagues of Ahser Edward marked the one year anniversary of his passing away.
The one year anniversary is always contrastingly poignant. During the funeral everyone feels a deep and painful and sense of loss and sadness. At the first year anniversary my perception is that friends and colleagues have moved on. The deceased no longer occupies one's daily thoughts. Yet for the immediate family there is no moving on. The hole in their own lives is always there, ever present.
Some say that time heals, but sometimes the reality is that the loss never hurts less for the closest members of the family. The empty place never fills in. Maybe it does not always feel worse, but it does not ever really feel better. There is a disjunction between watching others move on while oneself cannot.
Yet even for those who feel the loss most intensely, there is the comfort of the next generation. 
A chance to hold and to hug, to love again. In new life is renewed hope, a chance to laugh and to play again.


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