Sunday School Picnic at Pahneker

The Kosrae Congregational Church of Kolonia enjoyed a Sunday School picnic at Pahneker in U, Pohnpei.

A Sunday School picnic in the tropics usually means all day in the water for the children.

With Nett Point in the background, one young snorkeler is ready to get wet. He would only leave the water long enough for a quick lunch and then was back in the water. By the end of the day his fingertips were shriveled up white stubs.
 Another happy water denizen.

 A dedicated and devoted barbecue crew worked long hours to feed the children.
 Setting up the food line.
Preparing plates for those working hard all day in the water.

After swimming and lunch, one young member indulges in the luxury of an afternoon nap cooled by the perpetual sea breeze.

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