Ethnobotany cultural ceremony

The spring 2011 ethnbotany class visited Welianter "Oaulik" Samuel in Dien, Kitti to enact the Pohnpeian sakau ceremony.

 The moanindei (menindei) had to instruct students in proper positioning and sitting form.
Betsyna is oarir for "Nahnalek" Mae, Jackleen is oarir for "Nahnkeniei" Himena. Betsyna noted that her clan does not serve as oarir, hence her initial confusion as to how to sit.
After doffing his shirt, Jayheart brought in the sakau and cut the branches.
Cleaning the sakau.
Under the direction of the menindei, Jayheart places the four pwoakoar. Each has their own name, and the order in which the four are laid down is prescribed. All is done under the direction of the menindei.
Jayheart and Anthony join to form a foursome for sukusuk. Four pounders is the right number.
Jayheart on wengweng, Anthony wie sak on the ngarangar.
Hertin and Arnold as oarir, Ceasar takes pwel as "Nahnmwarki."
Mallone as oarir serves "Nahnken" Lewis. 

The menindei corrects Betsyna on the proper way to receive the ngarangar and pass it along to Mae. Hertin displays correct sitting form, not the most comfortable for those not used to this position.
Jayheart works hard delivering the nohpwei cups - five in Kitti fashion. Nahnmwarki, Nahnken, Wasahi, Nahnalek, and back to Nahnmwarki.
Hertin prepares to serve Ceasar.
For the after session, Mallone took over on wengweng.
Our host, Oaulik, who made the participatory experience possible.

This event always functions as a cap stone event that brings to a functional close the term in ethnobotany with a plant that is really at the very center, the heart and soul, of a culture.

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