Spirit Week

Spirit began with crazy dress day on Monday.
Seen in the cafeteria, Mayleen sporting the deadliest Pippi Longstocking hair style.
Tuesday was cross-dressing day. By coincidence the Upward Bound students were also on campus. The director of Upward Bound joins in a group photo with some, uh, lovely Chuukese co-eds and a bearded old lady.
Culture day is really the highlight of Spirit Week, the day that is visually like no other Spirit week at any other college on the planet. Mylinda displays her Chuukese heritage adorned with Asplenium nidus about her waist, Cordyline fruticosa around her midriff, and Nephrolepis ferns on her arms and head.
A Pohnpeian wearing a traditional koahl, using a kiam to carry his books. A scene from early in the 20th century.
Culture is a moving target, an evolving, living and breathing entity. Debra wears what might now be considered a classic look from twenty-five to thirty years ago.
Outer island Yap.
Renee wears church traditional wear.
I too attempted to find something traditional to wear.

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