Refraction and Reflection

Laboratory ten began with an investigation of the relationship between the distance of an image behind a mirror versus the distance of the object in front of a mirror.
Sinforsa works on the apparent depth of a penny
This term I lined up all of the beakers, the bucket, and large graduated cylinders, from zero water depth to 50 cm water depth.This seemed to work well, especially if the students started from the deepest penny.
LillyAnn and Brilinda measuring the image distance in a mirror.
Bersin working on the apparent depth of a penny in water.
ShirleyAnn works with a figurine. She postulated that the image distance would be less than the object distance, thus the slope would be greater than one. The Ardos-Alfons theory stated that the object distance is equal to the image distance.
Angie confers with Nancy
Tracy Ann
Silver Rose
Patsipa and Tracy
Johnson and Jeremiah

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