Underage RipStiking

The packaging clearly says for children eight years old and older. And a best effort is made around the house to ensure that riders are of the appropriate age. In theory a younger rider will have a lower body-to-board weight which ought to lead to less ability to control and propel the board. Someone forgot to tell one of the denizens of our domicile that they were too young to learn to ride, let alone to ride a RipStik.
And not just a little younger, fifty percent younger. Four years old. And ripping the new arrivals parking lot at the airport.
Yes, she is not wearing the latest from Fallen. Those are zoris, flip-flops for those living to the east of the international dateline. Learning to ride, to "wiggle" as she says, without coming out of your zoris, let alone remaining upright, is a serious skill set to master.
Meanwhile, also enjoying the smooth ride provided by Penta-Ocean were pair riders.
No RipStikers were harmed in the process of obtaining of these images!

In a nod to The Cat in the Hat, I demonstrated to my physical science class that I can ride a RipStik, lecture on linear velocity, and take a social media profile self-portrait all at the same time. And that is not all I can do, no, I can do more... as the Cat said...
Behind me one of my students is laughing at me... but then, as Seuss asked, what would you do?

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