Speeding and playing

Over the weekend data was gathered for use in statistics class using Bushnell Speed Radar Gun. Local law enforcement does not have speed guns, although the Sokeh's police had, to the best of my recollection, a speed gun at a couple different times in the past. On Pohnpei state code 71 PC 8-129 specifies a speed limit of 25 miles per hour which is 40 kilometers per hour.

Sitting on the causeway with view to a radar kill shot.

Given that drivers are keenly aware of the lack of speed detection technology, what speeds do drivers choose? The results are in the table below for two locations.

Causeway (kph) Hospital (kph)
40 74 30 25 55
68 60 34 41 34
61 30 53 38 29
30 55 40 27 46
32 44 41 49 39
61 68 32 29 35
58 43 39 31 36
36 54 77 28 55
41 26 44 39 48
35 78 61 39 37

Speeds are higher on the causeway, however that is a longer straight stretch than the one in front of the hospital. The one driver who hit 78 kph (48 mph) is not only over the speed limit, but way above a safe speed for any road on Pohnpei.

Meanwhile, a sports kit sent from Wisconsin is getting better use in Pohnpei in January than it could in Wisconsin at this time of year.
 He is working out whether he is right handed, left handed, or simply ambidextrous.
 He opts for left handed.
Yes, the cars tend to clutter the yards on a small island. And the coconut trees can catch a badminton birdie.

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