Social media survey

A convenience sample survey of 72 students in the MS 150 Statistics class at the College of Micronesia-FSM Palikir national campus 07 January 2011 asked about social media membership. FaceBook retained its lead from fall 2010 with 62 of the 72 students using FaceBook. MySpace regained the second slot with 45 students. Bebo slipped slightly to 42 students.
Fall 2010 70% of the students used, FaceBook. Bear in mind that in spring 2009 not a single student reported using FaceBook. Spring term 2011 86% of the student report using FaceBook. 89 percent of the students report using social media, only 11% - a new low - report no usage of social media. FaceBook would have to be considered the favored vehicle among social media sites for connecting with students, should faculty and staff wish to use social media in this manner.

In part due to the history of MySpace and Bebo having dominated student share, a number of students are members of multiple social networks. The most common number of site memberships fall 2010 was two, spring 2011 this rose to three. FaceBook, MySpace, and Bebo remain the "big three" on campus.

No. of sites fall 2010 spring 2011
0 8 8
1 16 10
2 18 19
3 14 24
4 7 7
5 2 4
6 0 0
7 1 0
Sum: 66 72

Eight students self-reported no social site membership while at the other extreme one student claimed membership in five social networking sites. Email sites such as Yahoo, Live, and Gmail were not included in these counts. Although the number of non-users of social media remained the same, the percentage fell due to the increase in the number of students surveyed.

When asked which site students check first, 51 reported checking FaceBook first, seven reported checking MySpace, and five reported checking Bebo first. This suggests that FaceBook has both marketshare and an overwhelming advantage in mind share. Not all students chose to answer this question, and some noted that they check email first.

Thirty-seven FaceBook users reported that they had the most friends in FaceBook. The average was 228 friends with a maximum of 900.

Data is available in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

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