Water hauling and trousers holding

A professional crew of water bottle haulers hard at work.

Another member of the heavy lift team.

The heat, humidity, and outdoor classes in the rain kill normal belts in a matter of months. This time I stumbled upon a belt handwoven from discarded commercial tuna fishing net. The cordage is insanely strong, designed to haul literal tons of tuna out of salt water. The local artisans handweave the belt, the tongue is produced by melting the plastic-based cordage.

The tine is actually a nail reshaped and attached to another nail. Designed to survive salt water and the battering UV rays of the tropical sun, maybe this belt can last more than a single term. And, as a recycled product, it is marginally green. Nets are now and again discarded on the island created small mountains of netting. These are not small nets, thus any reuse is good.
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