Material Culture

Yolanda presents a kepennok, a local broom made from the midrib of palm frondlets.

Rophino holds a teor from the outer islands of Yap. Hand woven of banana fiber, these are used as gifts to show respect to other families and to those with high titles. The teor can be worn as a skirt by women, but then only on special occasions. The teor is more often used at time of marriage, or a special feast. According to Rophino, the teor may also be given to the family of a woman upon the occasion of the separation of a young couple for whom a relationship - local marriage - did not work out.

Elizabeth with a pwaht - a local plate. The word probably originates in the English word plate.

Edelynn with an unnamed local basket, but most likely a lapw kupwu (also lapw kopwou).
All spellings are those of the students and do not necessarily reflect official orthographic rules for their languages.
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