Ethnobotany cultural ceremony

The SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany course this term visited a nahs in Palikir, Pohnpei, to learn about the sakau ceremony.
Lempwoai takes the pwel. Lempwoai explained that there are three title lines. Oloiso, Serihso, and Samworo. Oloiso is the line of the Nahnmwarki. Serihso is line of the Nahnken. Samworo is the third line. In ancient times the Samworo were the traditional religious leaders. The cup order is Oloiso, Serihso, Nahnalek, Samworo. With no Oloiso or Serihso present, Lempwoai takes pwel as our highest titled leader present.
 Rosalinda, Edelynn, Kacinta.
 Samantha, SepeBriana, Strick, Lanze.
 Kimberly, Strick, Lanze, Deisleen.
 Glory, Antoinette, Monaliza, Rafaila.
 LA Peter at menindei.
Rophino and Dayne.

Many thanks to the extended Mendiola family for hosting the ceremony this term!

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